February 3, 2016


FoxCat Events, LLC was started in January 2016 by Sherri Fox and Cat Adkins. Our mission is to create racing events for everyone that combine our unique, personal touch with the best sponsors and a fun atmosphere. Since its launch, the company has put on successful running events and a triathlon.

Sherri Fox is a personal trainer, triathlete, USAT Certified Coach, and group fitness instructor working in the Lakeway area. Sherri has her own training and coaching business called Fit Fox Training, LLC.

Cat Adkins is a triathlete and the founder of the fitness group Cat’s Litter, an organization that encourages people all over the Austin (and even the Dallas) area, and of all different fitness levels to get out there and be active! If you are ever wondering what racing events are going on, or even just where everyone is working out and when, just follow Cat’s Litter!

Julie Evans-Farnham is a triathlete, member of Cat’s Litter, and client of Fit Fox Training. A natural fit as Marketing Director, Julie provides all of FoxCat Events’ designs and marketing materials and runs the company’s online presence.

We love putting on races and can’t wait for you to join us!

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